Monday, August 11, 2008

Spring Trail at Ha Ha Tonka State Park

View of the Castle Ruins from 250 below at the entrance to Spring Trail.

View of the Water Tower from entrance to Spring Trail. This is a popular boating and swimming area on the Niangua arm of the Lake of the Ozarks.

Picnic area and entrance to Spring Trail.

An old grist mill stood at this location at one time. Notice the grist wheel to the right.

Another view of the Ruins a little further along the trail.

Grist mill area.

Green pond with ferns. It appears the water was diverted along the Island to power the mill.

Channel along the Island.

The water is a steady 58 degrees all year around. Notice the mist that forms when the cool spring water meets the warmer outside air.

Panel explaining the spring. The spring discharges 48 million gallons of water daily.

Boardwalk the half mile walk back to the spring. This is the boardwalk seen from the Ruins.

The water is a lovely turquoise color and alive with plants & fish.

Another view along the channel with the bluffs towering above.

Ha Ha Tonka spring is the 12th largest spring in Missouri.

A million shades of blue and green greet you along the hike to the spring.

Ha Ha Tonka Spring.

The spring emits from this rock face. The water appears very deep and is very clear.

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